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02 April 2007


Sorry, but this doesn't hold a candle to the sublime didacticism of Beep Beep (Here Comes A Satellite), a Sputnik-era classic.

Eck, you're making an apples-to-oranges comparison, but so what: I also LOVE those Singing Science songs. My personal favorite is E-lec-tri-city, but I also put Snowflake, Snowflake on a CD mix that I handed out to members of my ski posse.

I'm surprised you didn't incorporate the telecom satellite in the official branded Telstar Logistics Logo. It would look great on letterhead.

the mermen cover telstar many times here's just one set where it happened.

For the Joe Meek Society I have written many instrumentals in the Joe Meek style. I now have a web site with full reviews etc and a jukebox page with 5 tracks off my two albums. Telstar is on the first album and received excellant reviews from the JMS.
Worth a visit www.chestnutbankproductions.co.uk
Regards Byron Elwell.

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