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22 March 2007


As a Telstar Logistics consultant, I did a survey of this site in May, 2006. Thanks to Telstar Logistics for the exciting site visit.



Dr. Reifer, your photos ROCK.

Nice! Mr. Henrioulle seems like a true visionary. ANYBODY WHO USES ALL-CAPS IS A VISIONARY.

I enjoyed the story immensely. One could almost make a movie about this eccentric plan.

These photos of the old San Francisco trolleys are very nostalgic to me. We lived in SF from 1965 to 1971 and we rode those all the time. The N Judah car was "our" car. The City was a beautiful laid-back place then, no super tall buildings, no crazy traffic. The first apartment we lived in (with view of Alamo Square, a small fireplace, and a bay window) cost $65 a month. By 1974 the rents had increased ten-fold. I still miss that old San Francisco, before things were so coooool. Thanks for the nice pics.

The 1101, protected only by a thin coat of graffiti, has survived the Angora fire. The first 1100, actually there never was a Number "1100"- waits for a individual or corporate sponsor and return to sevice. Maybe in San Fran, or St Louis. 1101 was also the first of the StL 1700's!

The other streetcars remaining at Tahoe are the Toronto PCC #4404, and the "102435", a double-end streetcar fashioned from the front halves of MUNI "Baby Tens" PCC Cars #1024 & #1035. Handsome and looking well-proportioned at 56' in length, we hope to pursue the Tahoe Streetcar-waterborne transit link dream for at least another few years with a hybrid or Hydrogen Powered railcar. Maybe two, as we may redo the two Toronto PCC Cars likewise.

The Casinos have maglev mania, they are a hopeless bunch. Some one, a Daddy Warbucks railfan out in dotcom America is looking for a meaningful legacy- renewable powered electric railways in and around Lake Tahoe. You, sir or madam, could do worse!

See (peakoil.net) article 374, read several times for comprehension, and talk to your associates. I'm in the 'phone book.

Thank you for the update!

Indeed, I was tracking the status of the Lake Tahoe fire, and it did seem uncomfortably close to your property. Glad you all made it unscathed.

Likewise, thanks for the update on your remaining rolling stock. I was wondering which cars remained.

I enjoyed the story. I drive by there all the time and have wondered what was the plan for all those rail cars. I also notice they were being moved as of lately, thanks for the update.

San Diego Vintage Trolley, Inc., bought three of these Lake Tahoe, ex-SF MUNI, streetcars. Numbers 1122, 1123 and 1170. Volunteers are presently trying to rebuild these three cars and put them in service on a "Circle Route" from the SD Trolley Yards, past the Convention Center to the Santa Fe Depot, thru downtown SD, City College and back to the trolley yards. The cars will use parts the SD trolley's Orange and Blue Lines to do this. We may have them in operation in late 2008 or early 2009. Wish us luck!! Log onto: http://www.sdvintagetrolley.com for more info.

What a story. I have always been a PCC Steetcar junkie. It always bothered me seeing them sitting there rotting. I had a dream of aquiring one of them and, restoring it, and making a guest house out of it. Probably would have cost a few bucks to flatbed one to Florida! Always interested in hearing news of old streecars, especially the ol PCC'S.

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