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14 March 2007


I gave up making left turns years ago. So what if I go around in circles. You gotta problem with that?

Sorry, the no left turn idea isn't where UPS (Undelivered Parcels is our Specialty) can only save money.
They need to remap their strategy for "attempting" to deliver parcels to residences in the middle of the day when an overwhelming number of people are away.
Two and three attempts to deliver the same package to the same address is what wastes huge amounts of fuel.
Deliver those between 5 & 8 PM, otherwise deliver them to UPS Stores that are conveniently located.
Businesses get the usual service.
I stopped using my home as a delivery address, only the UPS store. It costs me money for the service, but there's less pollution because it's delivered on the first attempt, and I can walk to the store.

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