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08 March 2007


Nice. There's one near LGA, too; I didn't see much glassware or flatware there, but I got some nice stuff anyway. (My favorite is this Pan Am certificate from way back when.)

And I keep wanting to put this evacuation diagram on a T-shirt sometime...

Thank you for the heads-up! I went this morning, but was a little depressed as I wasn't able to find anything really worth bringing home (I'm not an airlines enthusiast but I love golden age airline design). Was this a typical show, or did this one have a poor showing in general? I'm willing to give it another shot later unless today's was typical.

Hi Joshy! This one was sort of typical, but I noticed there was a lot less glassware and barware than at previous shows. What kind of stuff, specifically, were you looking for?

..or visit Aviation Heritage Collectibles in Colorado Springs..

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