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19 February 2007


I hate you people. I mean I loathe you with the white-hot intensity of a thousand suns. Your sir, are one of the most vile creations on the face of the Earth.

You rode in a B-17.

You rode in a B-17G and you have the gall to post NO MORE THAN FOUR PICTURES?

Surely Telstar Logistics (a company perhaps not on the cusp of being listed on the NYSE, but certainly vested of enough resources to create pens) can do better than a paltry four photographs.

The nerve of corporate America. Pfah.

Oh, wait. There's a photoset on Flickr. Nevermind.

At Telstar Logistics we say: "The customer is always right!"

I can't even tell you how incredibly envious I am.
My grandfather was the waist gunner in a B-17F and G stationed out of Kimbolton in the UK. The airstrip is now partially used as a go-kart track and the buildings have been leveled, but the stories he has told me will always paint a vivid picture of what once stood there and what it was like flying strapped to the floor behind a 50 caliber browning that would melt if you fired it for more than 30 seconds.

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