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21 February 2007


I really have hugged a potential engineer today. I hugged him before he went to work today, making sandwiches. Tomorrow he starts five and half years of university slog and I will be paying the bills.

I come from a long line of engineers, my father, mechanical and electrical and I said I'd never marry one. First husband, aeronautical, second husband, geotechnical and now son, looking at civil.

In truth, I dont know what else my boy is cut out for. His books are unintelligible to me and that was in school. He has that kind of mind and interest way beyond school hours and in fact, school was incidental.

My hope is that he will be rewarded, realistically but not excessively for all the years he squirrels away around the clock with his particular propensity for numbers, physics, chemistry and the mathematics of strange shapes. I hope we all benefit from what he will contribute with these skills that I find fascinating but nevertheless, unfathomable.

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