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25 December 2006


I was aboard the Tripoli from Jan 1967 to Jul 1970. I would like to go aboard her one more time.

I also would love to visit the boat. Thanks for posting those pictures.

I too would love visit and walk the decks again as I did from 10/82 - 3/86 and in Somalia.

She is sitting in Pearl Harbor now...

As a Marine I served on the Tripoli for a short time in the early 70's and would love to see her one more time.

USS Tripoli docked at Mare Island on 20 October 2008 at 17:00 local assisted by 2 tug boats. The two "work tents" erected on the flight deck near the island are still there.

I too served aboard the Tripoli for the 77-78 West PAC as COMM supervisor (ETN2) in OE division. I am glad to see that she is remembered fondly. I remember that it was (mostly) a great time and we saw a good deal of the western pacific. Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Philipines, etc, etc ...

I served aboard the Tripoli from june 1968 to may 1971, including 2 tours in viet-nam. I would really enjoy seeing her again!

Served aboard her in 68 to 70. Will never forget the starboard list and her dedicated crew.

I was aboard the USS Tripoli as a Marine with 1st battalion, 5th marines Philipines and Hong Kong 1983

I was wounded aboard USS Tripoli during Desert Storm on 18 Feb 1991 when we took the mine hit off the Kuwait coastline. Enemy action put the ship out of the fight as we cross decked to USS New Orleans. Is it possible to be able to embark Tripoli at some point, if so please advise on how I can make a trip aboard just for an hour or so, it would be painful but would mean an awful lot. I am posting this email on 18 Feb the day I was wounded aboard 18 years ago.

I am looking for my biological father. I beleive his name is Henry Wrisky or Risky. I am not sure of the spelling. I know that he was a Marine onboard in 1983, July time frame. I would like to know any information to help me better understand where I come from. You may have known my mom as Eliza or Liza. I am a Marine CH-46E mechanic. Please call 805-233-4570 or e-mail @ cgreen@venturacountystar.com

I was an Engineman onboard the Tripoli from 69-71...Barry

the tripoli was my first ship right out of "A" School Rmsn when i first saw her she was Majestic in stature and to see her now its not like old time for me. I spent 4yrs onboard her and met a lot of old friends if anybody out there remembers me Rich Glover let me know, like you all i sure would like to see her again.

Served aboard Tripoli in Feb 1991. Was cross decked to Denver while Tripoli went north to conduct mine sweeping ops.I was with 5thMarines and cross decking back to the Tripoli when received word she and Princeton were hit. Hats off to the crew of Tripoli they did a phenomenal job. Bob Oles

my father was on that ship and was in it when the mine hit it he was in the bunker at the time and noticed the ship shaking his name is sylvan miles if any marines know him he doesnt talk about it much i dont know why.

As a Marine grunt I floated from DaNang to Okinawa when 9th Marines pulled out. No offense to those who fondly remember this ship but it was the most miserable trip of my life. Weapons cleaning and inspections, PT and standing in the chow line. Couldn't wait to get off her.

I was an airman and then a dental tech from '84 to '87. I would love to visit her again with my wife and child, at least from afar. Send any info to alexmartinez993@AOL.com

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