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01 December 2006


Tbey probably spent at least a million dollars on the new joke of a logo.
There was no real reason to change the logo, since it is well known and iconic. Plus it will not look like some sort of European toilet paper logo.

I think they saw this page:


When they really should have visited this page:


Here is a link to the full NY Times article.

Civil Defense and it's logo is still alive and kicking in some communities and many of us older members belong to the American Civil Defense Association. I have not honestly seen fema do anything in any nearby location to promote civil defense measures and would not serve under their moniker.
For one thing many people do not realize that the CD logo is internally recognized and people under that logo in times of war are protected by the gen. convention. as well as the civil defense workers themselves. now u see tee shirts and logo pins being sold at flee markets... stupid move.

I am going to adopt the old logo to raise public awareness of
the need to get involved in our (civilian Defence) both local and state. With the goal of recruting citizens to fight the domestic enemies entrenched in every aspect of our lives.Renew
that old logo to represent a new found comitment to exposeing and disposing of traitors in our local,county,state and fed level.They have almost completed the dumbing down of America.In California the dumbing down was a tremendous success.Domestic tyranny is alive and well.Expect no endorsements from ANY! gov't agency.They are ALL about defending their way of life from pensions to re-elections.We as a United group have a common goal and that is to regain lost freedoms and stop destrutive gov't intrusions in the people's pursuit of happiness.Each hat or sweatshirt logo should have their
chapter and state to show the enemies of freedom our determination to rid ourselves of these parasites once and for all.What is the prerequisets? Be a citizen willing to pledge your sacred honor,your fortune and your life.As they said in the first revolution. We must hang together or we will most certainly hang seperately.

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