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03 November 2006


It's offically a trend!


When you say art bike in San Francisco, there's only one thing that comes to mind -- Cyclecide. Their website is: http://www.cyclecide.com/

Have a look at these fine Cyclecide machines I photographed last year: http://www.joereifer.com/cyclecide/bikes/



Joe, you're so right. Thanks. I forgot about Cyclecide, but I think they're also responsible for this sinister-looking bike I saw at the Makers Faire:


Kids, don't try that at home!

I want one of these!

The Art of the Bicycle just happens to be medium of this Bay Area artist. Please check out http://web.mac.com/kurtwold

Thanks Kurt!

That sinister looking bike is just my harmless lawn mower bike.
You may get a kick out of my other home built bikes at www.woodenbikes.com

The graceful twisted bike and others by Max Chen can be seen at www.oilycog.com

You'll find a bunch of my art bikes on my site www.denniskalichuk.com

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