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11 October 2006


a draw?


The Enterprise took the smart move by running... someone compared the numbers, and in reality there's no way Starfleet vessels are any match for any Empire ship:


(I say "in reality" with tongue firmly in cheek :P)

suddely a phaser slams in the imperial ship. they look at the sensor screen notice another imperial. they fire back, but the ship reinforces it's shields. this ship is from the startrek entiprise series.

at that moment the comminucation cackles. we can see you, but can see us. they look, but see nothing. the warbird opens fire. the enterprise d begins boarding the imperial ship, whose crew is distracted.

why choose the entiprise d? thier are far deadlier startrek ships. i mentioned two above. there is also ship in startrek three that has cloaking, but can't fire through it. the entiprise and voyager weren't made for combat, so that doesn't count.

oh, i see, the deathstar. this is a space station not a ship. the more mass an object has the more resistan it is to changes in motion. read a physics book to veryfy. so, in other words. the death star also had very low acceleration. the enterprise escapes easily.

oh, i forgot to add that starfleet isn't the only one involved.

a problemt that so many people have is comparing ships made for combat with ships that arn't. let's have the warbird take on the queen amadola's starship from starwars episode 1. see it's not fare.

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