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30 October 2006


I adore Halloween. On Halloween here in Boston there is a big bike ride (about 150 riders), all costumed, many freaky. We ride into Harvard Square and take over the city of Cambridge!

Something like this has been done- and it was more shocking. :-) I just wish there were photos.

Back in 1989, I was going to San Jose State when the Loma Prieta earthquake rocked the World Series. Of course, a number of people died, most notably in the 880 collapse in Oakland.

A couple weeks later was a Halloween costume contest on campus. By far the most provocative was one done by SJSU student and performance artist and model Barbara Liu.

Her costume was herself, sandwiched between two rectangular foam pieces, painted black with yellow stripes up the middle and a crooked interstate highway sign reading '880'. People were pretty stunned at the audacity of the costume and I do believe she won first prize.

Was one of them wearing a tiny Christine Gasparac on his or her head?


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