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06 April 2011


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there is only one an-225 in existence in the world. at this point the consensus (at least on airliners.net) is that they are going to use an-124s to transport these pumps. those are still impressive. one landed at moffett this morning.

You can see the other Putzmeister working outside the Reactor building - in the high res overheads on Cryptome's web site - http://cryptome.org/eyeball/daiichi-npp/daiichi-photos.htm

Why aren't they cementing these reactors as they did

there is only one an-225 on the market on the planet. at this factor the agreement (at least on airliners.net) is that they are going to use an-124s to transportation these pushes. those are still amazing. one arrived at moffett today.

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