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04 August 2010


This is an old idea, there used to be a similar system in the US. The railroads operated a "Car Train," you could drive your car onto a car carrier railroad car, the type that was used to transport cars from the manufacturers in Detroit to other cities. The car carriers were hooked up to a passenger train. The passengers could take their cars with them to a distant city without having to drive them and burn gas, and it eliminated wear and tear from long milage. As I recall, these Car Trains were primarily used to go from major hub cities to Disneyland in Florida, it was probably a loss leader to attract more tourist traffic. But it was never very popular and it never really took off. It's a shame though, it is a good system for major intercity travel.

Wouldn't this be great way to add more BART service to the Bay Area ? Let them run on top of the 101, 880, 680 and other freeways. Maybe use the center divider as a track for those trains.
Too bad there are many bridges in the way making it difficult to implement such a solution around here.

Maybe someone will keep this in mind when designing new train corridors. And since those are surface roads, they should be easier to construct and more earthquake-proof while costing less than many other solutions.

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