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27 January 2010


Another interesting point of history: an AN-2 was shot down by a hand-fired AK-47 from an otherwise unarmed Air America UH-1 helicopter during the Vietnam war, in what some claim is the first and only combat helicopter shootdown of a biplane.

unverified source

I want to party with the "some" who claim that. If you can please point me to the Helicopters vs Biplanes Historical Re-enactment Organization in my area...

Apparently, a painting depicting the incident hangs on the wall of CIA headquarters in Virginia:


I have sat in the cockpit of one of these. The cabin is big. You can bring your upright piano and your water buffalo with you and still have room in the tail secton for a couple of crates of chickens. There is one located in SE Louisiana or at least there was a couple of years ago located on a private field.

@greg.org: You might be able to party with them, but then they'd deny the party ever happened.

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