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28 October 2008


For a dirigible, it sure looks like a blimp.

Hindenburg, not Hindenberg...

Fixed! Thank you, Marr

Great piece, Todd! Can't wait to go out and fly it. One note, the prevailing opinion of modern science is that the Hindenburg disaster was catalyzed by the aluminum oxides used in the skin of the craft and not the hydrogen. If you look at the newsreels you can clearly see lots of fire. But hydrogen flames are nearly invisible.


I've been trying to get a job with AIRSHIP VENTURES since I read about their plans a few years ago. I'd PAY THEM to be part of a team like that. Thirteen resumes later not even a "card" that says "good luck in all your future endeavors..." The problem is, I'm supposed to be a marketing "expert".

Dan F, Long Island

Hi there,
The Zeppelin is an interesting airship in the technical sense, but in financial terms it costs twice as much as a Skyship 600 to buy and lifts the same number of passengers.
For more information see: www.airshipblimp.com

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