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06 May 2008


by any chance do you know where this picture was taken? i know most safeways looked alike, but i get a gut feeling that this is my local safeway growing up in palo alto. can anyone confirm or deny?

nevermind... i deny myself... haha

That has to be the safeway on California and (is it Larkin?). I've always wanted to skateboard on its roof.

Nope. This is the Safeway at 3350 Mission St. in San Francisco, near Bernal Heights. Until recently, the inside looked like 1964 as well, but the place recently got a remodel.

And to think that the Valiant was classified as a smaller car! There's a black and white Valiant sedan parked in my neighborhood.

The part of Winnipeg I grew up in had several of these 60's era Safeways. A few remain, one within walking distance of where I live now. INterior is similar to what you have shot as well.

They'll soon be gone, I am sure, As Safeway is redoing and closing locations.

Aha, the roof is actually the opposite of the California and Hyde one.

Back in '69, I had a buddy who had a convertible valiant slant six three on the tree. Man , that car was solid! I don't think you could tear the motor up.
We listened to the Moon Landing on its radio as we sipped hot beer stolen from our parents.
Man, that was a good summer.Remember "Crystal Blue Persuation" by Tommy James and the Shondells?

The main giveaway that it's not authentic are the handicapped parking signs. There weren't any handicapped people back in 1964.

Looking at the taillights...my '66 Valiant-based Barracuda had these, and they're crafted from pure unobtainium. Wish the old Chilton and Motor's books had more than just the head-on model year ID pictures...

Best site on the web, BTW.

It's a 66. The bodyline on the top of the fenders is the giveaway - it squares itself at the front, rather than swooping diagonally down towards the rear. The 64 and the 66 had similar tail lights, the main difference that the middle rectangle was considerably smaller on the 64s. Still, a good find.

Deseo conocer si ustedes saben donde puedo conseguir partes del valiant coupe 1964.
Necesito el parabrisas trasero , la persiana o parrilla y otros menores.


Gustavo De la Paz

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