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06 December 2007


So is the ship being scrapped or not? I think there's tons of people that would love to take day tours or vacations on the Independence. And how did that guy get on to take those pictures?

Wow..this Erik James is a real character. Having been associated with one ocean liner group on Yahoo for many years I have read Mr. James's prior postings. I must say Mr. James my favorite was "and the rest of the IQ challeneged group". Kind of like calling NCL and the scrappers scum and in the same breath expecting them to come sit down with you. That Mr. James is called dillusional.

I also found the email on the US Group signed Corey Abelove (in Las Vegas you say) and yet it came off of the email address of "ejames70" in Boston. Kind of sloppy....

People need to really look into your track record on the Yahoo United States group. Will you accompolish anything? I suspect not. But anyone drawn into your schemes really ought to research your past. It is really suspiscious and checkered.

There is nothing suspicious or dillusional about either Erik or myself. I would like to point out that both Erik an myself continue to recieve both threats from people claiming to represent the "Indian Shiprecycling Industry", as well as from the cash buyers of the Indy. Attacks on us and our efforts by people such as Mr. Marshall, continue to show a pattern of intimidation and deception by those who stand to make a profit by the illegal breaking of the Indy. The cash buyers have been found (by the U.S. EPA) to be in violation of U.S. law regarding the export of toxic substances. If anyone thinks either myself or Erik are making anything up, you may verify our statements as reported on many sites, such as maritimematters.com, ban.org, as well as with the U.S. EPA itself.

Now, Mr Marshall, who do YOU work for ?

Corey Abelove
Save the Classic Liners Campaign

Maritime Matters reporting on you? HARDLY! There is an article mentioned in some obscure paper that mentions you posted there but the founders of Maritime Matters are smart enough to stay clear of you. As an offshoot of Rueben people stay clear of you on that point alone.

I do find it interesting people have called you out on the many discrepencies you have created. These have been presented to you but you fail to address them. Instead you go for the drama of "being threatened". It sounds like an emotional distraction to us.

So Corey Abelove of Las Vegas who calls people scum and expects them to sit down with him. Why does your name appear under "ejames70" supposedly in Boston?

Get a life you loser. You have contributed to the demise of the poor Indy...something I suspect you'll answer with an "Oh no we've be threatened again!!"

It appears as though I have struck a nerve with Mr. Marshall. He has both failed to identify himself, and has resorted to a childish level of name calling. Mr. Marshall, once again as I have stated before, Erik James is an individual and friend of mine who lives on the east coast, and I DO live in Las Vegas.

To say that I have in any way contributed to the demise of the Indy is simply untrue. Myself, Erik, and others, have been relentless in attempting to have the ship stopped by the authorities. We have been in near constant contact with various U.S. Government agencies, and so far (unfortunatly), all that has been announced has been daily fines against the ships' owner. So unlike many others out there who only whine and complain about things, myself and others have been taking a proactive and positive role in trying to get the Indy turned back to the U.S.

I would like to invite anyone who is truly interested in saving classic and historic ships to please feel free to contact me at our_flagship@yahoo.com

Now, once again Mr. Marshall, who do you work for ?

One more thing to add,
I would like to invite Mr. Marshall to meet me for dinner in Las Vegas. Seriously, I really would like to meet you in person to have an honest and frank discussion about classic ships such as the Indy. Let there be no doubt about my identity, so please DO contact me at my above mentioned email address.

It is becoming apparent you lack the knowledge and know how in many different areas Mr. Abelove. Again you fail to address the fact that Maritime Matters, as you earlier posted, is in no way shape or form reporting on you, that is a lie. Whywould you post something like that so easily verifiable...are you really Hillary Clinton? Anyone can check the web page themselves and see that is blatantly untrue. You keep professing you and Mr. James are 2 seperate people but as was pointed out your name in Las Vegas appears on a signed email from "ejames70" in Boston. Clearly you are not being honest.
In this horribly ill informed campaign you have made the Indy a pariah for any investor, if one suddenly appeared. While you have highlighted the plight of scrapping a ship like the Indy you have also made it clear the money it would take borders on hideous. Your reporting approach a la Rueben Goossens will produce the same results, the hot air of self PR. You have a cross to bear with this affiliaition of yours.

You have numerous trip ups as highlighted in earlier postings on this forum. You seem to think not acknowledging them will somehow make them go away. FYI..the more you ignore them the more fire you add to them. Having read the point by point list of conflciting stories you have told no wonder you have to explain yourself over and over. Nobody believes you anymore.

Once again Mr. Abelove, who's signature appears on an email address originating in Boston. Why would anyone take a geoligist who admits no business acumen at all..why would anyone take you seriously because you cut and paste the Congressional Phone Directory to various web sites?

Thanks for the invite to meet with you. But all the other invites to meet with you have included calling your potential guests "scum". I have not gotten my scum invite yet.....

My invitation stands Mr. Marshall. I will even pay the dinner bill. And, for the third time, who do you represent ? Your repeated attacks on myself and Erik point to a potential association with those who have a financial interest in the scrapping of the Indy. By the way, I have never called you scum, so no reason to decline my dinner invite.

No, sorry to disappoint but I am not associated with the owners of the Indy. Just a ship enthusiast who is baffled by the fact anyway with an ounce of common sense would associate themselves with Rueben Goossens and think they'd be taken seriously. It's amusing but predictable behavour to say anyone who questions you is working for the other side..sounds like wishfull thinking on your part.

Why not answer all the numerous discrepencies already outlined here that you made? For instance, you deny saying the Indy was in original condition yet someone else here has proof you did.

I won't ask any business related questions since you have made it clear with all your attacks on those who won't preserve, rebuild the Indy. You have zero knoledge on what would be invovlved financially.

My invitation to have dinner here in Las Vegas still stands. If you are a ship enthusiast, then there is no reason why you will not join me for a frank and honest discussion face to face. Also, since there have been repeated claims as to my identity, I am more than willing to show anyone (including Justin Marshall, Edward Millanese, etc...), my U.S. passport so as to verify my identity beyond any doubt. Remember, my email is our_flagship@yahoo.com


When you clarify the numerous discrepencies in your postings, specifically why your signature is on an email address originating in Boston when you profess to be from Las Vegas. I might give it some thought.

No reply to clarify your numerous discrepencies.

This guy is a total game player. Beyond the rhetoric look independently into this guy specifically on the United States page on Yahoo. With the numerous ocean liner related groups he's relegated to the few loosely moderated or totally obscure.

Nope, not a game player, just not always at my computer. It is sad that as a supposed liner enthusiast, Mr. Marshall continues to attack me. To address your claim of my name being attached to Erik James emails, you are the only person who has ever said that. Erik has sent me many emails, and his name is the only name attached, so I have no idea where you got that from. As for the other supposed discrepancies, I would be glad to address them in person as I have invited you, or through regular email at our_flagship@yahoo.com
I will not indulge you in a debate in this forum. Again, if you are a liner enthusiast like you claim, then you will join with me, and not constantly attack everything that I say or hurl childish names towards me.

You have consistently misled people with your positions.

1. Telling people the Indy was turned away at Hawaii for refueling. She never applied to refuel there as was disclosed on Maritime Matters.

2. Fanning the NCL rhetoric when you even admit and to use your own words you said "I know nothing about finance or business".

3. Your denial of using various web ID's as was disclosed by another member here with the United States Yahoo page message number 13698 where you forgot to sign "Erik's" name from that email address you use. Instead an "erik James" mail was signed "Corey Abelove". You are a liar.

All the other discrepencies in this game you've played are highlighted well on the first page of theis forum by another member. It's unfortunate you decided to jump onboard ssmaritime's bandwagon. Coupled with the fact you are no good at being consistent with your game playing.

Go away...and stay away.

Obviously Mr. Marshall must be associated with either NCL, Star Cruises/Genting Group, the Indian Shipbreaking Industry, or the owners of the Indy. I have offered to not only prove my identity beyond any shadow of a doubt (by showing him my U.S. passport), but also to meet with him in person (in Las Vegas, where I have resided for the past 3years) to answer all of his discrepencies and accusations. Mr. Marshall claims to be a "fellow liner enthusiast", but from his repeated statements and missquotes, it is painfully obvious that this is not the case.

Anyhow, Mr. Marshall, my offer to meet in person in Las Vegas still stands. Your choice of restaurant (i'm guessing it will be Indian cuisine), and i'll pay the dinner bill.

In closing, people who are the "game players", are those who make relentless attacks without merit. People who actually care about classic ships, and more importantly the environment and those who do the manual labor of shipbreaking, take a proactive stance towards doing what is morally and ethically just. That is, we work to actively protect history, the environment, and human life. I do not mean to sound like I am pontificating, as I am but one small cog in a very big gear.

To those who are interested in the preservation of classic ships, as well as making a dent in the activities of those who trade in and break ships illegaly, please feel free to email me at our_flagship@yahoo.com Also check out the new home of the "Save the Classic Liners Campaign" at www.oceanlinermuseum.co.uk
As for supporting the environmental aspects, please give your support to BAN. Their website may be found at www.ban.org

That's all for now,

Another conspiracy nut, don't fall in line with the diluted self important postings you make and suddenly you work for the other side. Here is a news flash Mr. Abelove. Your campaign while drawing attention to the plight of the scrapyard worker has played fast and loose with the facts in order to get there. As was pointed out by others and then later yourself you know nothing about business. Yet you condemn NCL for not preserving the Norway. You admitt o knowing nothing about what was invovlved. Yet you feel qualified to jump on the Rueben G. led bandwagon.
In this day and age Mr. Abelove it is a serious personal security breach to post your passpaort online, if it even exists. That sir is part of my business here in NYC. In this day and age you are asking for trouble for doing something as stupid as that, keep it offline. As far as meeting with you Mr. Abelove I'm simply not interested. You have demonstrated a follower quality in your "campaign" that has made you as unattractive as sitting with Rueben. What a shame a platform as large as his has suffered the creditability meltdown his has.
Misquotes? well you told several big lies. The fact the ship was in her orginal condition, the fact she was certified for open sea travel when she was only allowed to sail on inter island service, the fact she was in top structural shape, never acknowledging her hull was make do until her replacement was finished. All of these and several more "misquotes" of yours are documented on the United States page on Yahoo according to the first page of this forum. Lots of little detail you leave out Mr. Abelove..usually done when your arguement simply isn't strong enough to stand on its own merits.
Lastly Corey or whoever you are your goal may be a noble one but you were flawed from the onset. Too many people simply don't believe Reuben anymore, he's cried wolf too many times and now nobody takes him seriously. Too many things he has said and done have alienated many in the ocean liner community. That is something you have to drag along with your cause, and adopting his techniques has only made you look as foolish as he is. You simply do not have a firm grasp on your topic and Mr. Abelove, it shows.

Here is my response to Mr. Shashank Agrawal legal advisor to the Indian Ship Recycling Industry, excuse me, I mean to Mr. Justin Marshall,

blah blah blah,
same old shit,
different day.

It is cowardly of you to refuse to meet with me

Did it ever cross your mind you're simply not worthy of my time?

You're an uneducated amateur.

In the end nothing will come of all your hot air. Something I suspect you already know.

Looking forward to your next untrue and misleading statement so it can be disected on Liner List. You know, the forum you've been banned from.

If I am not worthy of your time, then why are you bothering to post your constant attacks against me ? Obviously myself, and others(including the US EPA which has levied daily fines against the owners of the Indy, Global Maritime) that share the same viewpoints, are putting a dent in your activities. We must be doing something right, as you continue to spend quite a bit of time responding to us.

Just wanted to reiterate my opinion that it is cowardly of you to refuse to meet with me. Keep making excuses "Mr. Marshall"

I have to agree with Corey on all of this. This Justin guy definitly sounds like he is in the pocket of NCL, the Indians, or the owners of the Indy. His arguments really sound quite irrational, repetetive, and without merit. Keep up the good work Corey.

The uninformed usually do travel in packs I guess.

"Corey" and "Bob" border on the 9/11 conspiracy nuts. Nope..no NCL plant here, just sick and tired of the misinformation campaign Corey is engaged in. NCL couldn't care less about him, and as someone who was subjected to his postings on Yahoo with the SS United States I can safely say "Corey" and "Erik" are all flap and no propeller.

And "Bob" might want to join the SS United States page on Yahoo and see for yourself the quality of "Erik's" positions in the past. Might explain to you why many people from that page consider "Erik" an game player. And why this "Corey" simply doesn't exist.

Waiting "Corey" with high expectations to hear about how you've been "attacked" online yet again! How the drama of it all prevents you from answering for all your past inconsistencies!

I would like to point out, that since my identity (and very existence) has been questioned repeatedly (even after my numerous offers to meet in person) by Mr. Marshall, that his grammar patterns, and numerous repeated phrases, do not appear to be those of a native English speaker. Since Mr. Marshall has put so much stock in questioning the identity of myself, and several SS Independence supporters, it is only fair to question HIS identity. Given that the name Justin Marshall is an English name, can anyone please explain why he keeps using repeated phrases and grammar that are not of a native English speaker ?

That was a retorical question of course. As earlier, Mr. Marshall said that he is a fellow "ship enthusiast". I have several times called that into question, accusing him of being in line with either NCL/Star Cruises/Genting Group, Indian Ship Recycling, and/or Global Maritime (the last known owners of the Indy). Obviously Mr. Marshall is not a "ship enthusiast", as someone who is, would do nothing but support efforts to save the SS Independence. Mr. Marshall says that he is just tired of my/others lies and misinformation (not an exact quote, but if one is to read his previous postings, my point will be well understood). So, BULLSHIT as to being a fellow "ship enthusiast". Mr. Marshall is obviously associated with Global Maritime and/or the Indian Ship Recycling Industry, and the efforts that myself and others have been putting forth, are beginning to pay off. For there can be no other reason as to why anyone would continue to use such repetative and nonsensical language in their
postings !

Of course my offer to meet in person still stands to anyone who questions either my identity or intentions !

And a big THANK YOU to all of the positive supporters out there !



Wow..desperate much "Corey"?

You have shown time and again that your positions are simply unanswerable. You have repeatedly lied about the condition and sale of the Indy. Lied about who is reporting on your activities. The best lie you told was Maritime Matters reporting on your activities. Why on earth would they report on you given your connection to ssmaritime..the pariah of maritime circles.

The level of mis-information you have put out is astounding. Not to mention "Corey" you have said your a geoligist. You admitted to having no business knowledge at all yet you feel qualified to make statements on these matters. You want the powers at be in all this to meet with you yet you call them scum? Then complain nobody will meet with you!! "Corey", perhaps you should get out of the dirt you've made a long home in over the years.

No you conspiracy nut..no NCL plant here. Just someone sick and tired and mildly amused by someone so caught up in what he is doing, he fails to see what a jackass he's making of himself.

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