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13 September 2007


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Laugh all you want about cockpit sections, but there are some serious flight sim gamers out there who retrofit cockpits for that "way too much time on my hands" realism.

For example: http://retrothing.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/747.jpg

Scott, that's not laughing you hear... it's ENVY!

:)))) This is hilarious, though I would love to have one :)

That's it I'm moving ;) Actually my wife's still not happy from my last real estate escapade... trying to buy a vintage airstream for the back yard (got the idea HERE) that I wanted to turn into gCapt HQ :)

I am looking for 747 landing gear for a sculpture design. Any idea where i can find them and how much of a cost I would be looking at?

That'll be hard to find, Christopher, because landing gear retains its value even after the rest of the plane is scrap. (The parts can be reused by other aircraft.) What about landing gear from a 707?


a 707 might do the trick- what sort of costs am I looking at?

when i'm child ; i wish to have a plane to travel freely ;but now there is an idea seemed to me crazy ;if i buy Used Boeing 747;can i use it as movable office!

I have all kind of Boeing 747 used parts that you are looking for.

please kindly contact me anytime for more information.

Used B747,cheap expect to pay around $100,000 for complete hull that has been stripped of eusable compenents such of engines, landing gear,and cockpit avionics.Did you think this B747 can be back operational again.

I am looking for a complete set ("ship set") of 747-400 Zone A sidewalls. Any ideas where I can find some?
Thank you,

Not comment.

Hi,I would like to know where i can get a 747 body with the seats...just the hull, no wings.


I will buy the cockpit and gut it out for FSX.

And how would your stripped down 747 be delivered?

How much would the whole body (stripped out) of a 747 cost (not including landing gear). also how much would it cost to have it dismantled and shipped to England do you think? also are the engines re used?

Can the 747 jumbo jet fly to buyer country and strip the engine n part over there.If yes,whats the price for the whole body without engine n parts

Thank you very much for the information I really appreciate it!!

wow.. interesting info... thanks!!

i want to know if i can buy a 747 cockpit to use for my own disghned flight similator and i was wondering how much it is and how hard it is to get.

nice pictures...!!! congratulations!!!

I'm only 15, but when I grow up, I want THAT as a house!! a -200 version is the coolest. Just gotta find a 70X70M (230X230ft)patch of land to park it! xd

If so, now is the time to talk with your finance people and get all your ducks in a row.

i want to buy two of retired B747 aircrafts.
pls contact me who want to sell to me.

I am very keen to purchase a Boeing 747 shell. Anyone know of anyone for sell.
If so email me at tim@jucy.co.nz

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